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Martha Keller – A Celebration of Life

Celebrate a Wonderful Life, A Lively Spirit, A Creative Inspiration Saturday, June 22, 2013 Service 4-5 PM Reception 5-6 PM Ann Arbor Art Center, 117 West Liberty, Ann Arbor From 6-8 PM Martha’s studio will be open for people to visit. If you would like to share a memory [continued…]


Sadly Martha passed away February 13, 2013. You can read an obituary here.

“Be the Tree” – artist statement

These tree paintings continue my last 2008 show of evergreen paintings at WSG, “The Next Brushstroke.” Those paintings emphasized the drama between detail, the single brushstroke and the unified whole image. These paintings have a warmer palette. They are meant to suggest that the interplay of light in the [continued…]

“Be the Tree” – in brief

This show continues a previous show, “The Next Brushstroke”. It’s about the dialogue between individual brushstrokes, and the narrative they have, and the overall image, the total narrative of the painting. It’s got a warmer palette, the skies are warm and sunny, instead of blue and cool as they [continued…]

“Clearing” at the Retrospective

“Clearing” is a triptych that represents a hillside and central valley in the U-M Arboretum in Ann Arboretum. This photograph was taken at my recent Retrospective.

Video from “Remembering the Days: A Retrospective”

This video was taken by James Campbell during my recent retrospective exhibition, “Remembering the Days”, at the Ann Arbor Art Center:

“The Next Brushstroke” – artist statement

While I’m immersed in painting, each brushstroke becomes a lesson in seeing. It looks backward and forward at the same time; it sums up and refreshes previous brushstrokes while entering new territory. I think of each brushstroke as a narrative with a beginning, middle and end that builds with [continued…]

“The Next Brushstroke” – in brief

These paintings are about two landscapes I love: the Arb here in Ann Arbor which, in my view, is a quintessential landscape for hiking and exploring nature; and the dunes and bluffs of the Sleeping Bear area of the Lake Michigan shore near Glen Arbor – both of which [continued…]